Data Recovery


Hard drives have evolved into highly reliable devices but failure can still happen.

We offer data recovery services to our clients, should their drives fail or become damaged.

Sometimes drives are badly corrupted by viruses or other planned attacks.

We can help to recover data lost in these types of situations.


Just like on television, computer forensics can help you solve some of the mysteries that occur on your systems. What may have triggered a crash?  Are any unlicensed programs installed on your network or workstations? Are you wondering if inappropriate activities are occurring on computers in your workplace or home?

XenoSolutions can provide full forensic analysis on individual computers or across an entire network.


We provide our clients with off-site file archiving. XenoSolutions maintains data servers for this purpose, so your data is available to you when you need it most.

We offer automated archiving so that all appropriate files are archived automatically and transparently on a schedule and in a format that you are comfortable with.


Security issues can be both external and internal.
XenoSolutions offers an extensive analysis of systems and networks to locate areas of possible exposure to corruption.

Once we have done the analysis we will help you develop advanced password management systems to control user access data, prevent the loading of unauthorized software, supply and maintain all necessary firewalls, and track all emails and file transfers.


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